Where Does US Military Spending Really Go?


Too much money is spent on war in this country, not enough is spent on progressive research that would contribute to peace.

I take this position because 54% of our annual discretionary budget  is spent on the military and a pathetic 3% is spent on science.

Although this is a hard argument to make because of the current events involving terrorist groups, there’s too much money in our military already. Our country does not need to spend any more money on defense. We have spent more on military than the next seven countries combined; China, the UK, France, Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. The budget spent on the military rose for eleven years in a row. According to the website of US Representative Buck McKeon, the budget rose from $354 billion in 2000 to $721 billion in 2011. That is an increase of 104%(McKeon). If you think this money all goes to typical defense, you’re wrong. In an NPR conference, the NPR staff reported that $20.2 billion of those dollars goes to paying for air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan annually (NPR). The Seattle based channel 7 News has an article that states a startling $363 million of taxpayer dollars was spent on weight loss programs for the families of people in the military(Halsne). The yearly cost of stationing one soldier in Iraq, could feed 60 families for a whole year.(Johnson,Ujala) If I had a choice I would not let any of my taxes go toward the military budget.

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