Was Einstein Wrong About Relativity Too?


100 years ago, Einstein predicted that anything that came close to a black hole would become ‘invisible’ due to the event horizon of the object.. Well, the Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detected three events in recent years that may have exuded ‘ripples’ or ‘echoes’, something that would be impossible according to Einstein’s predictions. These findings/claims can be examined here: arxiv.org.

A quick lesson: These are black holes, two beside each other. Since these bodies are in essence, collapsed stars, they have become insanely dense. With this density, their gravitational polls become.. uber. Two next to each other, with high density, causes them to swirl around one another when finally one becomes ‘swallowed’ by the other.

But what the big issue here is: if these black holes exude ‘ripples’, than all of modern theory surrounding this circumstance could be flawed. Some argue that these findings may even be inaccurate or fall below the 5-sigma error margin.

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