Vintage Human Skeleton Studies


It’s a little past Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos, but here’s something fascinating no matter the time of year: human skeleton studies. Before x-rays we needed an open body and clean bones to know what spooky scary skeletons were inside. After x-rays, we could check out our bare bones while still being alive! For centuries we have been fascinated by the human body, many have depicted the skeleton in medical sketches, illustrations and even expressive artworks. Here’s a few illustrations found on Wikimedia Commons that caught the attention of OLU:

James Ward , date unknown
Daniel Huntington, 1850s


Francesco Bertinatti and Mecco Leone, 1830s
Andrei Vesalius, 1543
Gerard Lairesse, 1690s
Cheselden, William, 1733


Loved that collection? There’s more to be discovered here:¬†


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