The Rise of Lab Grown Meat


To some, it’s a horror movie gone real. To others, its a scientific accomplishment that will save the lives of millions of animals.

A San Francisco based company called Memphis Meats has promised us that in five years time, we’ll all be able to eat lab grown meat. Memphis Meats grows their meat outside the animal, they claim that the meat is both as good as regularly obtained flesh and even better for you. They aren’t the first lab to create such a edible, but they are the first to claim that the product will be so widely distributed so quickly.

What is it? How is it made?

“Cultured meat” is crated in a lab setting from animal cells. If you know how muscles grow, then you know that when the tissue is damaged, it expands.  Rather than a protein substitute, the meat is taken directly from the animal in a harmless procedure of extracting Myosatellite Cells. These cells are a type of stem cell and reproduce rapidly, forming muscle fibers. You can find a great illustration of that process here.


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