New Currency: Faces Of Science Instead Of Presidents


What if our money was an homage to our advancements in technology and scientific discoveries?

If you have taken an American History class, you probably know something about each of the men on our US bills. George Washington was out first president, Abraham Lincoln contributed to the freedom of African American slaves, and so on. However, there is only one scientist, Benjamin Franklin. Though what the rest did sent ripples through history and the world, scientific advancements are massive waves of improvement to the world.

What if our country were to have the same view point, and ability to completely change the currency we use? Then maybe we would have bills that celebrate the moon landing, cures of horrible diseases, the internet, or agricultural and infrastructural advancements. I know I would be more motivated to make money with these cool bills. Artist Travis Purrington created this awesome rendering of what these paper currencies would look like.

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