Neocolonialism VS Cultural Diversity


I think the best way to ensure cultural diversity is to encourage people to express their culture in any setting. I think that people should be able to wear cultural clothing at work, have diverse music playing on the radio, more shows depicting peoples cultures rather than just the most common culture. I think that we are moving towards a more culturally inclusive mindset here in the US, however, I don’t think it’s possible with how things work both economically and even psychologically in the US for cultural diversity to be present in all things. For one, things that we see most often are popular.

Things become popular because more people like it. Usually, people like things that they see as relatable, and these things are usually from their own culture, or they’re familiar with. Things with smaller followings don’t become as popular, they might represent a culture different from the norm. It’s harder for these culturally diverse things to break into popularity, it’s harder for the creators to pay for a presence on tv or radio.

This means that the TV or radio (where culture can spread rapidly) only represent the popular culture because of economic forces. Another place where cultural diversity is stunted is the workplace. Employers usually want employees to dress and act in ways they represent the company, meaning that no matter the culture of the employee, the customers only see the face of the company.