Meet the Newly Found Dino That’s Changing Experts’ Minds


It isn’t everyday that a new dinosaur is found, but the Mansourasaurus shahinae recently shook what researchers know about ancient life in Africa during one of the most interesting times for biology. Not only is the specimen a ground breaking finding, but it is also the most preserved of it’s kind from the area. Fossils from the Late Cretaceous Period in mainland Africa are very rare, which is why one of the men behind the study, Matt Lamanna, called it “the holy grail.”

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This sauropod was discovered in Egypt last year, remains are more alike to species found in South America rather than the Europe and Asia. This leads experts to believe there was an evolutionary split previously unknown. During the Late Cretaceous Period continents were splitting, as for North Africa, it was pulled away from Europe.  The findings suggest a migration of genetics that do not connect over the Mediterranean Sea.

Krause, D. W., Prasad, G. V. R., von Koenigswald, W., Sahni, A. & Grine, F. E. Cosmopolitanism among Gondwanan Late Cretaceous mammals. Nature 390, 504–507 (1997).


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