Meet Google’s Updated Virtual Reality Toy


Ever heard of the Google Cardboard? Well, it’s all the rage. And new things are happening with it everyday.


So, if you don’t already know, Google’s VR machine is just a slab of cardboard that you put together to make your own little virtual reality, it fits almost all smart phones. These little guys only cost about $10, so they’re fun and affordable wastes of time. Recently, Google added a surround sound device that makes the experience of using one even more realistic.

What’s new? Well, there have been job listings in California that give clues to even more development within the company. Some major speculations have dug up the suspicion that Google is going to take over the ‘future of gaming’. This means that Facebook has a major VR competitor. After Facebook bought the Oculus VR, people were very excited to see prices from $200-$400. But when it hit the market at $600, people weren’t so eager. This may mean that Google’s $10 platform will evolve into something more popular, cheaper and possibly better than the Rift.

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