Itty Bitty Animals That Walk and Zoom Around


Protozoa are tiny unicellular organisms. These little critters are really fun to watch (and easy to see under a microscope since they’re bigger than bacteria). They’re common and live everywhere. In our microbiology lab, we were able to see them by collecting a sample of pond water from the school.

They scoot around by pulling their bodies apart, they can rearrange their cytoskeleton, this is called pseudopodia or “little foot”. In the image above, the protist has what are called cilia, these are eyelash-like hairs that help the organism slowly swoosh around their environment. Some protists can move faster by using a flagellum, a long whip-like appendage that twirls around clockwise or counterclockwise.

Most protozoa are freely moving in water, sometimes they live inside an animal and can cause diseases. They can breed either by mostly asexual means or sometimes by sexual reproduction.

More information to come!



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