How To Make Bismuth Crystals At Home


The beautiful substance on the right hand side of the photo above is a Bismuth Crystal. On the left is Bismuth as a result substance. Bismuth is not bio accumulative, meaning non-toxic for the most part. You would need to consume a LOT at one time to have any negative health effects. It’s used as the compound bismuth subsalicylate is the active ingredient in Pepto Bismol. Its low melting point of 520 degrees fahrenheit makes it a easy to melt in the kitchen. But before you throw your Pepto into the oven, research online for real materials distributers. You can find a pound of Bismuth for somewhere around ten dollars.

1. Melt the bismuth metal in a stainless steel pan. Smaller pans will give you a deeper pool of bismuth for the bismuth crystals to grow in.

2. Once the metal is molten, turn the heat off and then skim the oxide and contaminant film off the surface with a stick or utencil.

3. Crystals will form below as you wait for the liquid to solidify.

4. Move the solid parts that have formed on the top to keep the crystals on the bottom from sticking to the pan.

5. When the floating parts start to collide with other bits below the top of the liquid as you move them, it’s time to pull it out and see the result!

6. If you don’t like the crystal you made, you can always remelt to make more!

The more bismuth the better! Also, if you cook it in a deeper pot you will get larger crystals!

You can find 99.99% pure bismuth ingot from Ebay. Remember to wear leather gloves and goggles!

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