First Reusable Rocket Succesfully Used


Meet the Blue Origin rocket, to go to space, come back, then do it all over again.

Last November this craft traveled about 63 miles from Earth before it landed back near its launching site in Texas. Yesterday, Jeff Bezos, the man behind the world changing development, successfully recreated this scenario with the same Blue Origin rocket.

So far, NASA has contracted three private companies to create the rocket needed to resupply the ISS, International Space Station. Of Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Sierra Nevada Corp, Blue Origin is the first to successfully prove the possibility of this feat by sending it twice while landing it successfully. This rocket is called the ‘New Shepherd’, it is smaller than Space X’s Falcon 9. The Falcon 9 rocket  made its own headlines in 2012 when it successfully delivered the spacecraft, Dragon, into the orbit of the ISS before the craft met with the station.

What’s the big deal? Well, the closer we get to reusable rockets, the closer we are to making trips back and forth in space.

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