UPDATE: Why Everyone is Joining PORP


As each day goes by, the small but ever growing group, PORP becomes more and more organised. New, more scientifically accurate logo, more issues and even some drafts of the platform:

After Trump’s win into the White House, a new party sprung up: the Party Of Reason And Progress, or PORP. Their icon sports a porpoise as a nod to the acronym. This group is still working out the kinks and is currently developing a platform. Originally created as a rebuttal to the Tea Party, this group hopes to reform policies to create a more scientifically conscious nation.

The description reads:

“This is a group for volunteers of the Party of Reason and Progress (PORP). Founded in 2010, PORP helps educate voters and elect reasonable candidates for various offices. We started after the Tea Party was formed, and re-launched after Donald Trump’s victory!”

Founded by proclaimed “Atheist Activist” David G. McAfee, the group has had inner confusions over the past hours due to misunderstandings surrounding its ideas and beliefs. Many there have stated that it will have a statement about separation of church and state, and others begging the question: is that even necessary? An admin of the group had this to say about the issue:

“We also get questioned as to whether this movement is about atheism. It is not – we are secularists, and believe every religion’s followers should be free to worship whatever god or gods they wish, so long as they respect the right of others to do the same. We do oppose any interference of religion, or atheism, with governance.”

This group contains many scientifically minded individuals that want the group to strive. PORP is growing faster than was expected, and hopes to make changes for the better, with two feet rooted in evidence and research. Since Donald Trump’s election, many are concerned due to his lack of regard for science. This has raised worries about the future for vaccine usage, GM advancements, federal science funding , and most importantly: the fate of our environment.

UPDATES: Apparently the group used a dolphin as it’s logo in PORP’s infancy. Due to the fact that it prides itself in being a “scientifically literate group”, they decided to change the group’s logo to reflect the animal that bears its acronym: a porpoise. Credit to Gauzong Yang for the new logo.

Groups are forming in more local communities also. The description has been updated and states:
“Local groups also exist for PORP all over the US, and several internationally, already. You can search for and find these local groups by typing ‘Party of Reason and Progress’ into the FB search bar and selecting ‘groups’.

As before, the group is still formulating a constructed platform. Topics such as Gun Control, Social issues, Environment Policy, education among others will be discussed according to the group.

Thousands of members and counting, almost literally overnight. To many, this group has been a safe haven for scientists and science lovers alike. The following grows by the hundreds each hour.

To join the group, go here: PORP Facebook Group.




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