Discrimination Against Trans Student


I found an article recently entitled: “Mother of Transgender Student Speaks Out.” A mother took a stand against the school district in Chicago for banning her daughter from being in the girls’ locker room. Her mother wrote an essay about the subject, “Our Child is a Girl,” in it she talks about how her daughter being wronged. The article said that the Federal Department of Education found that the district had violated the girl’s rights under Title IX, this is a federal law that bans sex discrimination. Because of this, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois has represented the mother in a case against the district. The mother should win this case not only because the district wronged her daughter, but also because they violated the code.

Lincoln Park Highschool

Some people might say, “If they wouldn’t let her in the girls’ locker room, why doesn’t she just change in the boys’ locker room where she ‘belongs?’” This is wrong because if she were to change in the boys’ locker room she would be ridiculed for being different. She decided that she was a girl at age four, and if that’s what makes her more comfortable, it shouldn’t be a problem to anyone else if that’s what makes her happy. People should be able be comfortable without being harassed by their peers, let alone the school district. This girl being bullied by other kids is one thing, but being discriminated by school faculty is even worse. Adults should know that we are all equal at the end of the day.

This girl shouldn’t be discriminated, and especially not by the adults who control her situation like school faculty. This happens too often, children and adults who have difficulty living comfortably in school or at work because the people there don’t understand, nor try too in some cases. Fortunately though, congress is stepping up to be more accepting and protecting these people.(1) Even so, this problem persists, and it destroys lives:

“A lack of support from families, for instance, can lead transgender youth to live on the streets at an early age. Harassment at school can lead them to drop out. And a lack of antidiscrimination laws can leave many transgender Americans little recourse if they lose their job or apartment for reasons they believe to be related to their gender identity. Struggles finding traditional employment can lead to forays in the dangerous worlds of sex work and drug dealing.”

It’s so sad hearing stories of people with so much hate mocking these people to the point of even death. There are so many trans people who have been killed or ended their own lives because of hate. The beginning of a more accepting society is letting them dress in the dressing room designated for their gender, regardless of other’s personal ignorance.


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