About OLU


Our Lonely Universe is a blog about the science that I find really cool.

I use my website and (newish) Youtube channel to spread some cool facts that researchers discover. I want my hobby of journalism to spread awareness about the importance of the scientific method. In the coming months I will be posting more about behavioral science and psychology since this is my current interest and major.

I’m Jessie Sgouros btw. I’m driven to know as much as I can about the world, and it helps to have a place to blog about it so I can share what I learn with fellow curious people.

My passion for science and innovation doubles as a creative outlet. When I get home, I study for classes. After that, I study for myself about what interests me. I take what I learn and write about them on my personal science blog. Instead of traditional forms of studying, I take what I learn and express it through my website, which in turn is shared with my handful of followers. I do this for fun, and it helps my grades as a bonus. I write about one 500 word post a week about a subject I’m either studying at school or one that’s popular in the news, such as climate change. This hobby keeps me on my toes and is a fun way of not only reinforcing information but teaching my peers as well.

I believe that it makes me a better learner by expressing these concepts in my own words and sharing them. It gives me an additional incentive for understanding the underlying concepts beneath the courses I am enrolled in. I love reaching out to others by sharing information in my own words.

My husband is going to UC Davis which i s where I plan on attending in a semester or so. We participate at pro-science events and public lectures when we can.

Over there is a picture of me, my husband, and a few friends of our who are as passionate as us about science and keeping the public educated. It was taken in SF during the 2016 March for Science.