A change of major


To all of my many many readers, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for all these months. I’ve been flip flopping around majors considerably for moons now and have decided on a course in life, nursing. This new trail happened to be one I never considered before and previously thought of as a safety major for, what I thought at the time, mostly middle aged women who want a higher paying job than the one they have currently. How much more wrong could I have been?

In my community, the only college in a hundred mile radius is a community college where I’ve spent the past four years. At first I attended while also going through senior year of highschool. At the time, I had no plans for the future besides knowing I had an interest in biology. My major went from bioengineering to industrial design and even to production media in the three years following. Life outside of school was as undecided, I had a jewelry business, web designing business while working at a deli/cafe as a barista. Being 18-20, this is acceptable and common, but my stress was through the roof. Too many classes, too many clients and too many lattes. It didn’t make things easier that I lived cramped at home with my whole nuclear family plus my husband. After some time, my husband and I moved in with his father to a small town near San Francisco. It was there where I decided on nursing.

But it wasn’t directly related to anything besides wanting a change of major for the sake of financial security… at the time.

This was a semester I spent going to the College of Marin as an Industrial Design major. I took a drawing class and a 2d design class, did well in both and made a few friends. It was fun doing art and being in the area, but I knew getting a job as an industrial design major would be a lot of work, and I wasn’t sure it was work I would enjoy. Ever since I was little I loved making things and selling things. Another hobby of mine was walking around various types of stores to do nothing but oogle at products and their packaging. The fonts, the shapes, and colors always made me wonder what made something worth taking off the shelf and paying $19.99 for? But that’s just not personal enough for me, I can’t be someone behind a label or product. I want to talk to someone, and not in a customer service setting. I want to be part of, you guessed it, something bigger.

I was told the summer before I moved to the SF area that I should be a voice actress, and by not one person but one kinda famous person. They took notice of my voice because at the time I was a receptionist/web developer for a company owned by a relative. I made about 80 calls a day.This was a distant relative who happened to be in the office while I was making calls. At the time I had no idea who she was, we hadn’t met, but after I hung up the phone and looked up, she smiled at me Hollywood style. Her outfit was noticeably professional and expensive, after she explained to me I have a future in Ads, radio, television etc. my boss (her cousin, my step-adopted-ex grandfather) came into the room and told me who she was. She has a television show on Food Network and her husband is an Iron Chef America. She literally lived in Beverly Hills, so I took her complement hard.

So, you might be thinking, how did that make me want to go into nursing? It didn’t exactly, and I wanted to flex a bit. It does however tie in with the rest of this because apparently a soothing voice is a good quality for a nurse to have.

Anyway, I came home after finishing the finals for that semester and asked my husband what I was doing with my life. He laughed and said, “Anything you want!”. Of course this was sweet but not very helpful. He and I sat down and brainstormed. I mentioned nursing a few times while throwing out ideas, but more of a ‘this is a thing for other people’ and not an ‘I could do this’.

I knew a few things about myself that carved my thinking: I hate math (yeah, it’s a naive outlook but what can I say?), I like working with people, I hate sitting at a computer all day and I love science.

There weren’t many popping up in my head anymore like there always were. I could be anything right? “Why not nursing?”, my husband chanced. “That’s not me, I hate needles and I’m never exact about anything”, I was nervous. Nurses needed to be precise about helping people. You couldn’t half-ass anything. He suggested we look into what it takes to become an RN.

Only a few prerequisites needed to be done before getting in. After that I needed to get lucky to be drawn in a lottery and then two years of ass-kicking in a nursing program.

Since that day I’ve felt like there’s a path under my feet, and I know where It goes and how long I’ll be on it.

Thanks for checking this out:)

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