3 Best Apps For College Students (That I use Everyday)


Hey everyone! So the semester is in it’s first few weeks and maybe you’re like me and making sure you have everything in order on your phone and/or computer. These are 3 apps that, although they don’t solve every problem, they’re certainly easter eggs. I hope you enjoy and check them out because they’re pretty convenient.

  • XODO

It’s the PERFECT app to write on and highlight PDF versions of textbooks. Here you can read the textbook, take notes and even have the book read to you. If you don’t like carrying around a ton of notebooks and you have access to e-books or pdf books, this app replaced your heavy backpack!

Screenshot: Annotate any PDF. Highlight or strikeout text, insert text, or attach sticky notes. Draw lines, arrow, circles, or simply draw freehand.


  • FitBit

Of course as a college student you might need a little help dieting and exercising. This is the best thing I’ve found out there. You’ll have to get a small FitBit device, mine was $60, and hook it up via Bluetooth but it’s worth it. It can take down everything from food intake, macro nutrients, steps taken and quality of sleep!

Related image

  • Google Keep

I’ll admit, I’m a huge Google fan. Something they’ve made that I haven’t seen get much attention though is the best note taking and to-do list maker ever. Google keep is like this notebook that’s flexible and convenient without having too many gadgets and thingamajigs. It’s perfect if you’re a fan of using an active pen or stylus on your tablet or phone.

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