Hate Crimes against Homosexual Parents


I was on the CNN website, when I saw an article on a same sex couple that got their foster child taken away from them for being a same sex couple(1). The judge was worried that since the couple were a lesbians, that would negatively affect the child’s well-being. Questionably, the judge seemed to change his mind after all the criticism he received. He said “The Court orders the Division to place the child with a duly married, heterosexual foster-adoptive couple within one week.”Although the couple were approved to be foster parents after passing home inspections, background checks, and interviews with the divisions of family services. The Utah’s Division of Child and Family Services, the biological mother, and others involved even support the parents. The judge only changed his mind because he was getting pressure from the state and widespread criticism. Judges are hired to put their bias aside and make decisions on if it is right or not. Same sex couples get a lot of bad reputation for absolutely no reason and do not get the same treatment as heterosexual couples. 

Scene from the Honey Maid commercial
Scene from the Honey Maid commercial

Unfortunately discrimination of same sex couples adopting children happens all over the place, it needs to stop. I recently read an article about two fathers of a few foster children who even started a foundation to help children going through the foster care process. They had been critisized for being gay fathers, not fit to raise children. In an interview with the fathers, they were astonished that the people being so hateful were primarily mothers. When I read about this, my response was emotional. How could people be so hateful? This also goes to another headline about the company Honey Maid that made a commercial for s’mores that had interracial and same sex couples in it. Of course this commercial was demonized by some people saying that it “normalized sin”.(2)



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