10 Facts About Nursing You Should Know


A career in Nursing is a great choice for anyone interested in helping people. Although for many it isn’t the first choice when looking for a well-paying salary, you might be surprised to find out what nurses really make. Here are 10 interesting tidbits that you should know about nursing, even if you aren’t going into the field yourself.

  1. Employment for nursing may grow by 19% by 2020 – The Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s huge.
  2. May 8th is National Nurses Day:)
  3. Certified Nurse Anesthetists make around $158k yearly!!
  4. Nurses can work as researchers. They can help to make the health care system more personalized and efficient as a desk job!
  5.  61% of RNs work in Hospitals.
  6. Nursing began in 3000 B.C.E Egypt. The ancient Egyptians kept medical records and even prescribed medicines according to archeological findings.
  7. Only 10% of RNs are men. However, the number was about 3% in 1970.
  8. Iowa, West Virginia and Oklahoma are the lowest paying states for RNs.
  9. California, Hawai, and Massachusets are the highest paying states for RNs.
  10. It only takes 2 years to become an RN through an associates program, the average pay is $65k!

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